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The unforgettable stories are those which leave a significant impression on us


At Racconto Boutique Design Hotel we want you to begin your day in a distinct way, as such, we offer an exceptional breakfast. Our breakfast is made up of exclusive products that carry their own stories from different regions in Greece: thyme honey from Epirus Mountains, juicy olives from local olive groves, distinctive cheeses from Metsovo and complimentary traditional offerings from various regions in Greece. Naturally, there could never be a lack of homemade marmalades, freshly baked cakes and bread from the breakfast table. Ingredients, products and flavours which come together to transform a seemingly simple meal into a unique and unforgettable experience for your palate.



Our pool offers multi-faceted revitalisation, at all times. The unique and breathtaking pool area offers a great deal more than a cool-down and sunbathing space.

It is a space which reminds you each morning that today will be unlike any other day. Perhaps the aroma of fresh coffee will awaken the urge to head to the beach, perhaps not. The space invites you to enjoy your book or newspaper and whets your appetite for a tasty journey in the afternoon. Your ultimate late-day treat may consist of a glass of wine or signature cocktail from the pool bar which may act as a catalyst for your night out, or further sink you into a blissful “dolce far niente” mood.


In proximity to the pool, we have created a unique meditation space which is readily available to hosts your soothing stories and experiences. It is a peaceful space set with harmony and balance in which you can burry and lose yourself for a moment or a while when you most feel you need to.


Parga offers an array of activities which not only fill your day but nourish new experiences, knowledge, moments and unforgettable memories. We are available to organize any activity which suits your fancy. Simply let us know.


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